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NSBRI partners with its Industry Forum to encourage commercialization of NSBRI-supported products and research. To fulfill this charge, NSBRI has created the Space Medicine and Related Technologies Commercialization Assistance Program (SMARTCAP), designed to provide seed funding to companies developing promising products that can address unmet health and performance needs in space and on Earth. 

The Philosophy Behind SMARTCAP



Who Should Apply

Typically, solutions that are of value in space tend to be small, power-efficient, non-invasive, and easy for a non-specialist to use in a resource-constrained environment.

Both previously NSBRI-supported and new technologies will be considered. This award program is not intended for very early-stage technology development. The proposed work should move the product along a commercialization path. Examples of desirable project goals are proof of concept studies, refinement of an existing prototype, or usability testing. The selected technologies must have the potential to be very impactful for the target Earth population.

Companies who are not familiar with NASA's research program or have questions about the suitability of their project for a space environment are encouraged to contact the NSBRI Industry Forum Lead at (713)798-7412.

This program is intended to position the selected technologies for follow-on support from investors, potential industry partners, or other funding entities. Accordingly the awards consist of a combination of direct funding and business services provided by experienced professionals. We will focus on helping the companies identify and prioritize critical issues on the path to market and develop an action plan for the 18-24 months following completion of their project. Assistance may include the preparation of market, regulatory, intellectual property or competitive analyses by NSBRI's experienced business consultants. The awardee, the consultants and the Industry Forum Lead will jointly determine which type of support will create the most value for the company.

To be considered for a SMARTCAP award, companies must be based in the U.S. and have 500 or fewer employees. Identified source of matching funding from a non-federal entity will be required if an applicant is invited to submit a full Stage 2 proposal. The matching funds may be in the form of cash to support the project or as services that will enable the company to perform the tasks outlined in the project plan.

Why Should I Apply?


For more information, solicitation dates, and to submit proposals, visit the SMARTCAP grant management website.


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